Dear Heritage Printing,

Just wanted to mention how satisfied I was with the brochures you made us. You were very prompt and made sure I was totally satisfied before having them printed. Also, you held estimated cost to a "T". I will definitely be using you for future printing needs.


 Toby J. Kachnovich
Kachnovich Land Surveying, Inc.

We have been Heritage Printing customers for over 6 years! Their prices are competitive, the products are great and the service is excellent.

I can rely on them to call me in advance so that I never run out of supplies and they personally deliver them!

Over the years, I have learned that good service means everything and Heritage Printing has it.

Twin Town Homes

To Whom it May Concern,
We have been a customer Heritage Printing for well over ten years. We appreciate their great customer service. I can even brag about the time I called and asked if they could prepare a wedding day program for my daughter. I had given little notice and one of the staff  did work and then drove to meet me so that I could be sure to have them!

They are patient when we are creating new paperwork so that we have to go back and forth, we find their prices to be reasonable.

They have a solid knowledge of their business and turn our work around promptly. Once we finalize their work, we con't have to follow back to them. We know that they will be delivered promptly.
We would recommend them, their work, prices and good customer service!

Susan D. Giguere, CEO
Care & Comfort

Good Day,

The folks at Heritage have designed everything from meter reading cards to door knob hangers. They have printed our delinquent customer's notices in three parts and arranged a printer to print our business checks to save Corporations money.

    There are many parts to our business relationship; one is that I know who is answering the phone. They have all our past printing orders on files so the reorder is quick. they have printed stamped envelopes on short notice so to have our office from stamping them ourselves. The "short notice" has never been a problem; the answer is "We'll see what we can do".

Thank you for your wonderful service and can do attitude.

Kindest regards,
Jane Woodman
Business Manager
Farmington Water Department